It is not least the extraordinary people who have made ​​Oberammergau to what it is: a colorful array of art, culture and tradition, a successful blend of earthy local ties and cosmopolitan hospitality.

Masterful "Lüftlmalerei" (house paintings) emblazoned on the fronts of houses, all thriving arts and crafts, cozy restaurants and cafes tempt you to stop.

The village´s cultural and spiritual legacy was shaped by the Passion of Christ. Since 1634, Oberammergauers have kept their vow to stage a Passion Play every ten years, the next occasion being in 2020. On the last occasion, some 2,500 of the approximately 5,300 inhabitants of Oberammergau were involved on or behind stage, including 500 children.

During the interim years, high-calibre international ensembles present plays and concerts. Visit us and experience the magic of Oberammergaus creative flair.