Saulgrub / Altenau / Wurmansau

Enjoy the moment of immersion in the power of nature. Each view opens up new worlds. Here lives inner peace and relaxation is coming.

If paradise is the realm of untroubled peace and tranquility, then Saulgrub, Altenau and Wurmansau are little outposts of paradise on earth. Here you can bathe in nature and revel in its endless fascination.

Peace reigns supreme here, and you can relax both your mind and your body. Idyllically nestled in the gentle rolling landscape of the northern Ammergau Alps, our villages boast a rich flora and colorful moorlands.

Ideal for hikers, bikers and cross-country skiers, they invite the pleasure-walker to stop and marvel at the sweeping panoramic views of the Alps afforded by the many lookout points. Come and visit our small paradise – you´ll feel divine!