Museums in the Ammergau Alps

The many interesting museums in the Ammergau Alps present themselves educational and adorable. Inside the buildings is much to discover about the culture of Bavaria and in particular of the Ammergau Alps - from the history of the Passion Play to the typical wood carvings in the region.

4 Attractions

Dorfmuseum Unterammergau

In the Unterammergau Village Museum, the following subjects are the focus of the permanent exhibitions: whetstone making, forestry, agriculture, textile processing, archaeology and local history.


Eisenhower Museum

Learn (while attending to an entertaining tour of the museum) more about Dwight David Eisenhower and what connects him to Oberammergau.


Museum inside Bierling-House

The Bierling were a merchant family from Bad Bayersoien. They had held the office of the salt factor.


Oberammergau Museum

It is quite a special moment when you step from the Dorfstraße trough the heavy wooden door into a world of questions and their answers.