Church Kappel

The newly restored church Kappel is among the oldest churches in the Bavarian uplands.


The pilgrimage church of Holy Blood, located in the idyllic setting on the edge of Unterammergaus and popularly known affectionately as the "Kappel" one, is probably one of the oldest churches in the Ammer Valley.

Already in the 9th Century Eticho, from the House of the Welfs, should have settled down as a hermit at the site of today's church.

The pretty little building with a high spire was already established in the late Gothic period, but in 1619 the nave recently was built and added in 1680 by a choir by Johann Wessobrunner Schmuzer.

After secularization, the church Kappel should be demolished as unnecessary. That one of the oldest shrines in the Ammer valley is still preserved is due to the commitment of the citizens of Unterammergau.

Inside the church the viewer is revealed to a harmonious blend of the early Baroque, High Baroque, Rococo and Renaissance. The ceiling frescoes of the Oberammergau painter Franz Seraph Zwinck (1779) as well as the high altar cross and sufferings of the Saviour are still representing particular importance.

The little church was dedicated to St. Leonard. In his honor one of the most atmospheric Leonhardi riding in the uplands is always held on the last Sunday in October.

As a place of rest and contemplation, the Kappel church is also one of the 15 stations on the Ammergau Alps meditation trail.

Information about the church provides the Pfarrverband Oberammergau.


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