Forester's house

The former residential and monastery judge house looks back on a colorful past.


The forester's house was built as a private house of Joseph Ignaz Daser in 1763 and after his death is was donated the Ettal (1724-85). From 1785 - 1803 it acted as the judge house of Ettal, 1803 it was descended into property of the Bavarian state. 1803-30 it changed to the so-called "house prelate," Montgelas stayed here over night 1815 as well as the Bavarian King Max I Joseph 1820. Since 1830, the House has been the seat of the Forest Service. Exterior painting done before 1875, comes from "Lüftlmaler" Franz Seraph Zwinck. The "hunting scenes" on the west side painted Hartmann 1899.


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