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The name of Oberammergau is synonymous with traditional handicrafts, not only wood carvers but also potters, drum makers and several others are there

Schnitzer in der Lebenden Werkstatt
Schnitzer in der Lebenden Werkstatt - © Ammergauer Alpen GmbH, Stefan Höcherl


Oberammergau is synonymous with traditional craftsmanship. First and foremost is the wood carver, but also the potter, the drum maker and the stained glass maker all of who are, just as 100 years ago, working using the old traditional methods.

The “Living workstudio” in the Pilatus house gives the visitor a comprehensive insight to a traditional art that is originated in this area. The artists will not only let you have a look over their shoulder, but also are willing to answer your questions about their specific methods of wood workings and methods of operation.

In the craftsmans shop which is directly next to the “living workstudio” there is displayed and available for sale everything what the members of the workshop has produced. Through the centuries ago the Kraxntraeger had popularized such carvings, crockery, jumping jacks, stained glass, etc. throughout Europe.

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