Walking Tour Of The Star

Every year onNew Year’s Evelocals and guests alike make their way around Oberammergau and Ettal with a large illuminated star accompanied by singers and musicians

© Horst Preisenhammer

This tradition differs from the 'Star Singers in other towns where the singers usually move from home to home to performing songs on the eve of Epiphany, January 6th.

On the final evening of the year at 7 pm everyone gathers at the Ammergauer Haus in Oberammergau for the 'Walk Of The Star . At representative locations throughout the village the tour stops with its numerous colourful lanterns and heralds the coming new year with traditional star songs- songs whose origins date back to medieval times.

The finale at every station is the fanfare played by the band and the loud joint shout'A guat s nei s Johr (Bavarian for A happy new year ).

In Ettal everyone meets in the afternoon and moves from home to home.