Passion Play 2010

The last Passion Play took place in 2010. In more than 100 perfomances more than 500.000 visitors from all over the word traveled to Oberammegau

© Passionsspiele Oberammergau

Oberammergau is world renowned for its Passion Play. The Play was performed for the very first time in 1634. The next production of the Play will take place in the Passion Play Theatre in 2020.

In a formidable joint effort of the entire town and under the direction of Christian Stückl the Passion Play 2010 was mounted following a 375 year old tradition. The set designer Stefan Hageneier from Oberammergau, after previously designing the set and costumes for the Passion Play 2000, presented the Passion Play with new splendour. Additionally, Christian Stückl und Otto Huber essentially rewrote the text of the Play.

Starting in February 2009 the people of Oberammergau allowed their hair to grow long and the men even ceased trimming their beards.

In April 2009 the actors were announced and beginning in November of the same year more than 2000 residents - Jesus, Caiaphas, Maria, Pilate, Judas, John, the priests and the soldiers, the people of Jerusalem and the 470 children who participate in the Play worked out their scenes with Christian Stückl, the director. Under the direction of Markus Zwink, the musical director, 120 choir members and the 70 members of the Passion Play orchestra, practised and polished the musical compositions of the composer Rochus Dedler of Oberammergau.

All this was done in order to accomplish what the Evangelist Luke described at the end of his narration of the Passion of Christ: 'When all the people who had gathered to witness this sight saw what took place, they beat their breasts and went away.

The next Passion Play will take place in 2020.