Chapel of Gertrude

This small chapel was built in 1694 by the Abbey of Ettal as a small outpost opposite of the forester's house Dickelschwaig.

Gertrudiskapelle Dickelschwaig
Gertrudiskapelle Dickelschwaig - © Ammergauer Alpen GmbH


The chapel was consecrated to at that time very popular Gertrude Helfta (Remembrance Day November 17). Gertrude, also called the Great, lived in the 2nd Half of the 13th Century and was an important representative of the women mystics. She was a woman of unusually high levels of education. She had visions of encounters with Jesus and mystical experiences, which developed in her a strong love for Jesus.

Jacob Zeiler took over the painting in 1755.

The inscription above the entrance door RHAZE means: Abbas Zaenobbii Ettalensis Romuald Romuald, abbot of the Monastery Ettal


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