The Rochusfeld Bad Kohlgrub is a typical high moor landscape in the foothills.


Here in Rochusfeld near Bad Kohlgrub we come across a typical high moor landscape of the foothills of the Alps. This landscape developed after the last Ice Age more than 10,000 years ago. After melting, the glaciers left behind small lakes that had neither tributaries nor runoffs and no connection to the ground water. ­During the course of the following centuries drastic, changing climatic conditions took place again and again.

Times of extreme heat followed by extremely cold periods; from extreme droughts to flooding. Plants in oxygen-deprived and acid water did not rot, rather they turned to peat. This is how the low moor developed. Moss, grass, shrubs and trees spread out from the shores. The lakes eventually silted up and the moor grew ever higher, layer by layer. And the result is this unique landscape, the mountain pine moor of the foothills of the Alps, shaped by nature.


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