Natural remedies

The nature and its treasures are the remedies of the Ammergau Alps. Alpine mountain pine moor, herb-rich meadows, clear air are a guarantee for your mental balance and healthy well-being.

Please join us for a spa weekend or relaxing holiday in Bavaria the natural remedies of Oberammergau Alps know and draw energy from the unique scenery, grows alongside the natural treasures of culture with a number of Bavaria.

Landscape and exercise in the fresh air

Learn something new, expending yourself or boost your health - in the Ammergauer Alps endless options unfold.


Hay from alpine meadows

The hay from the alpine meadows in the Ammergauer Alps is still cut by hand according to the time honored tradition, the so-called ‘Wiesmahd’.



The moor harvested from the dwarf pine covered alpine moors around Bad Bayersoien and Bad Kohlgrub for use in their therapeutic baths is a precious natural remedy. Its alleviating and healing properties have been known since time immemorial – the “black down” is nature’s own medicine.