Naturheilmittel Moor

Newly discovered: the natural remedies Moor alleviates many complaints.

As part of a moor therapy this natural remedy is dispensed as a bath or targeted application. It is during these therapeutic sessions that its healing properties displays:

  • Relief of the joints in the moor bath
    The sensation of floating in the moor bath is a direct result of the physical law of buoyancy which states that the weight of the moor displaced by your body is equal to the how much lighter you feel. As a result your joints are relieved by up to 90%.
  • Moor has a positive effect on the whole organism
    Numerous substances are vital  for the interaction between the bath moor and the body. Steroids, for example, are said to influence the human endocrine glands. Other compounds, such as humic substances as well as humic acids, have a very complex, positive affect on the entire body making the skin smooth and silky. Inorganic components effect a change in the salt composition of the skin. The acidity and the antibiotic components prevent the growth of bacteria and harmful fungi ensuring the sterility of the moor bath.
  • Moor baths result in intense warming of the body
    The heat transmission in the moor bath is unequaled. The gentle and sustained intense warming of the body is unparalleled. The amount of warmth added to the core of the body is seven times greater than that received during a water bath of equal temperature and length. Even parts of the body that ordinarily demonstrate poor blood circulation such as joints and cartilage experience  a profound warmth.

 Moor therapy is offered in all spa and bath houses in Bad Bayersoien and Bad Kohlgrub.