Hiking in Bavaria

In the Ammergau Alps, you will hike on three levels:
For a pleasant walk, we recommend a walking tour in the valley of the Ammer river. A hike along one of the many high-altitude hiking trails is even more ambitious. The third level is hiking to the peaks of the Alps on well-marked trails.

Anyway, doesn’t matter where you hike, you will always be rewarded with fantastic views. So your view always will clip the surrounding mountains or the lakes in the Bavarian Alps. Some trails have stunning views of the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain.

Here in Bavaria's largest nature reserve you will encounter rare plants like the gentian, the marsh gentian or a dozen rare species of orchids. Who is not delighted when he can observe the golden eagle in his flight on his journey?
Guests appreciate this and therefore chose the region in 2006 as the most popular hiking region in Germany.

Three cable cars help you to overcome and gain the first altitude of your tour and allow breathtaking views either to the Zugspitze or the lakes in the Bavarian Alps effortlessly.

By the way, hiking service in the Ammergau Alps is no coincidence!

In Best of hiking test center in Wurmansau supports you with hiking equipment, GPS units and binoculars - everthing available for free rental.
Smartphone owners can get German Ammergau Alps tours app without charge. This app provides information about the various walking tours and lodges. An emergency call function is not missing, of course. Notice: The app is in German.