Winter hiking

The gentlest way to experience the winter in the Bavarian mountains is and still remains winter hiking. Doesn'€™t matter whether snow fall, trees glistening in the sunshine, icy streams or just the cold, clear air: The winter in the Ammergau Alps fascinates everyone! Well groomed winter hiking trails lead through the Ammer Valley and allow beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

Spaziergang an der Ammer
Spaziergang an der Ammer - © Ammergauer Alpen, Eberhard Starosczik

Winter hiking can be done with any weather. If the skier mutiny because of snow and poor visibility, you enjoy the beautiful snowflakes. If you take a long winter walk through the sparkling white nature in the sunshine and on a clear cold air or if it is snowing while you take a short hike, the saying 'There is no bad weather, only bad clothing' rarely meets a winter walk.
Who does not love it The sound of crunching snow under his winter boots ... there are about 70 km cleared winter hiking trails available in the Ammergau Alps.