Ammergau Alps Meditation Trail

Hiking, Meditation and forget about everyday life are connected harmoniously to the Ammergau Alps Meditation Trail. It extends from Pilgrimage Church of Wies near Steingaden to Linderhof Palace situated in Graswang Valley near Ettal.You will discover hiking as well as yourself again on a very new and special way.

Following a route of 87 kilometres in total you will find 15 divers stations along the Ammergauer Alps Meditation Trail.They invite you to let your mind wander, to collect to your selfand restore your inner peace and serenity.

Starting from the Church in the Meadows, near Steingaden, the Ammergau Alps Meditation Trail leads you via 15 stations towards Linderhof Palace in the Graswang Valley close to Ettal. On a total distance of 87 km, which can be easily split up in separate day marches, you wander through the wonderful Ammer Valley.

Along the way you pass places of power, inviting you to take your mind on a journey. Lovingly designed steles give you background information about the stations of your journey and stimulate your mind. You immerse yourself in history and discover the origins of the places and … you get closer to yourself with every step you walk. In the constancy of walking you will find inner peace, switch off daily routine and be only yourself. 

We invite you to a journey of discoveries, during which you explore the enchanting landscape of the Ammergebirge nature reserve, unique cultural treasures and a whole new perspective on yourself

You don’t have to do this journey by yourself at all. With our package offers we give you the opportunity to “find yourself” in company. Guided by an experienced body therapist and pilgrim guide you will re-experience yourself with breathing and body exercises, escorted fantasy journeys and meditative impulses.

If you want to get more familiar with the meditative walking, offered guided day hikes (German) on the Ammergau Alps Meditation Trail will be recommended.

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