Free bus rides

Guests in the Ammergau Alps get free rides with the regional bus by using electronic guest card or KönigsCard.

kostenlos Busfahren in den Ammergauer Alpen
kostenlos Busfahren in den Ammergauer Alpen - © Ammergauer Alpen GmbH,

Especially if you want to be on your way and discover the Ammnergau Alps Meditation Trail or the Mile of culture without the stress of finding a parking space, it makes sense to use KönigsCard or electronic guest card for free rides bus with regional busses in the Ammergau Alps region.
Landlords which allow free bus travel, you can find in "Stay the night". Here you can choose in the "Accommodation features" the corresponding checkbox or have a look to the list of "KönigsCard-hosts".

What do you have to do if you want to use the free rides ??? You only show the small electronic guest card / plastic card to the bus driver. You get this special guest card from your host already at your arrival.

Free bus rides on following lines (for print or download):



The partial section Weilheim - Rottenbuch - Echelsbacher Brücke or Echelsbacher Brücke - Rottenbuch - Weilheim is subject to charges !!)


Your bus stop next to your accommodation