Dorfmuseum Unterammergau

In the Unterammergau Village Museum, the following subjects are the focus of the permanent exhibitions: whetstone making, forestry, agriculture, textile processing, archaeology and local history.


Since 2002 the working group of the Historische Arbeitskreis e.V has operated the Unterammergau Village Museum.

Whetstone making, forestry, agriculture, textile processing, archaeology and local history are the focus of the small museum.

The early settlement history of the locality is particularly impressive due to a Rhaetian sacrificial altar at the lower Kasten, the Rhaetian rock carvings in the Pürschling area, three finds of Roman coins in the grinding mill gorge and the site of a find from Roman times located in Burgbichel. Prof. Josef Riederer explains more about this subject on various special guided tours.

Unterammergau survived primarily on the production of whetstones up until the 19th century. In the museum the implements obtained from abandoned quarries and dismantled grinding mills, and the various products at different stages of the production of whetstones are all on display. A model of a whetstone mill shows the individual stages of the process.

The extensive collection of tools and transport equipment offers a good insight into forestry in years gone by.

These and many more lovingly-preserved tools and equipment can also be found in the museum.

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