Eisenhower Museum

Learn (while attending to an entertaining tour of the museum) more about Dwight David Eisenhower and what connects him to Oberammergau.

Familie Eisenhower
Familie Eisenhower - © Eisenhower Museum, Florian Gründl


Not only as a general and 34 President of the United States of America, he had to go through tough times, but already in 1890 when he first saw the light of day, it should have been a violent thunderstorm.
Together with his 5 brothers "IKE", as he was called from an early age, spent truly an exciting childhood and youth. His holidays are very well comparable with those of "Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn".

Only a few years had passed since the days of the "Wild West". The most courageous Marshall "Thomas Smith" & "Wild Bill Hickok" were among his greatest childhood heroes. Later as an adult, Eisenhower was enthusiastic about cowboy movies where there is almost always a happy ending.

Learn more about his artistic side during a visit to the museum. Like Winston Churchill "IKE" was a talented painter. That he loved our beautiful mountains so much, demonstrate his oil paintings and his purchase of a backpack.
Regarding the Oberammergau woodcarving, he chose two angels.

Who knows from which region the German Eisenhower / Eisenhauer ancestors come, gets free admission to the museum, a promise is a promise!

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