Hörnle chair lift

This lift is unique, and one which you should really try! To give its correct name, it is a cableway with rotatable double chairs.

Hörnlebahn Bergstation
Hörnlebahn Bergstation - © Gemeinde Bad Kohlgrub


The idea of its engineer around Otto Burda was to create a comfortable, and easy to use, lift for older people and those with a disability. On arrival the seats will move away automatically when you leave the chair - All you have to do is stand on the yellow mark.

The chairlift was opened in 1954 and from that time through today the lift had made its unhurried journey up to the top of the mountain: the trip last 20 minutes on the comfortable cornflower-blue seats; the Hörnle cableway is a historic but excellent example of this means of transport, it will transport you up the mountain and then back down to the spa's of Bad Kohlgrub, where the weary traveller can rest and recuperate in a restorative mud bath.
This charming chairlift also has its place in German political history! In October 1977 members of the red army fraction (RAF) took control of a Lufthansa Boing 737 and its passengers. It is said that, in planning their liberation the Officer in Command, Federal Armed Forces General Wegener who had on several occasions took his vacation in Bad Kohlgrub, took his inspiration, from off all things the cornflower blue cableway!

In order to obtain the release of the hostages, in Mogadischu the elite troop of GSG 9 used the principle of cableways operating mechanism. This principle enabled the troop to let themselves down the rope from the helicopter so, that they had one hand free to use their guns.
As can be seen the Hörnle offers in summer as well as in winter dozens of possibilities for sporting activities. For example:
There are attractive walks and views with Northern walking trails in summer, and then the ski areas and toboggan runs in winter – for each season the Hörnle has so much to go for.

Note for KönigsCard holders:
1 x per day ascent and / or descent is free; every day in winter 1 x 3 hr. free lift pass (pass requirement: at least 2 nights stay)


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