Climbing area - Kofel Marxersteig

Alpine climbing

Perfect routes for climbing beginners on water-eroded rock.

© Author: Thorsten Unseld, Source: Birgit Gelder
  • Type Alpine climbing
  • Difficulty medium
  • Duration 0:25 h
  • Distance 1,3 km
  • Ascent 332 m
  • Descent 1 m
  • Lowest point 894 m
  • Highest point 1225 m


This is a long and stretched out rock formation located on the West face of the Kofels  with a number of scattered routes.
Initial ascents are often easier and involve climbing good rock which has mostly been eroded by water.
Holds are easy to find, particularly on the less difficult routes.
Above the fixed loop points, the rock is very crumbly and there are frequently rockfalls caused either by humans or goats.
In order to minimise this risk , you should not climb beyond the standing areas. Please be sure to wear a helmet !

Difficulty: 3 to 8+

Nature protection: the Marxersteig area is located in the Ammer Mountains Nature Conservation Area. Please behave accordingly.

Information on current conditions on the rock is available at 
This section merely contains information on accessing the climbing area.

Access: coming from Oberammgau, go past the Kolbenalmlift, and parking is available on the right-hand side approximately 100 metres further on. There is a further car park below the Calvary statue.

Turn left onto the flat hiking trail (Grottenweg) heading towards the Kofel and follow this path for about 10 minutes until it descends sharply for the first time.
Now turn off right into the woods and follow the "Maxersteig" uphill. The trail will become increasingly apparent. After a further 15 minutes, you will reach the first routes located directly next to the uphill path (Max and Moritz).
You will now see the routes of the Bergwacht climbing crag at regular intervals (every 5 to 10 minutes ). You will need to turn off the path to the left. Continuing to follow the path, you will soon arrive at a gorge. The routes Edge and Bätsch are located at its entrance on the right-hand side.
Nach der Kletterei empfiehlt sich ein Abstecher ins Ortszentrum von Oberammergau um ein leckeres Eis in der Eisdiele Paradiso zu probieren. 
Im Notfall verständigen Sie bitte die nächstgelegene Rettungsleitstelle. Unabhängig vom Standort erreichen Sie diese deutschlandweit unter der Telefonnummer 112.
A95, B23 via Ettal to Oberammergau
Car park at the Kolbenalmlift, at the Calvery statue
bus stop: Oberammergau, Eugen-Papst-Str. oder Bahnhof
9606 Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Oberammergau - Wieskirche - Füssen
9622 Oberammergau - Ettal - Linderhof (Schloss)
train stop: Bahnhof Oberammergau
Murnau - Oberammergau

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Kletterführer Oberammergau - Autor: Robert Heiland,
Kartenmaterial erhalten Sie im Onlineshop der Ammergauer Alpen GmbH unter oder in den Tourist-Informationen vor Ort.

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