Hike – gentle route through the Alpine foothills

Hiking trail

A gentle but long valley hike from Bad Bayersoien to the Scheibum Ravine and on to Bad Kohlgrub.

  • Type Hiking trail
  • Difficulty easy
  • Duration 4:45 h
  • Distance 17,6 km
  • Ascent 336 m
  • Descent 320 m
  • Lowest point 785 m
  • Highest point 933 m


Not all tours need to be long or involve high climbs. The main focus on this route of just under 20 kilometres through pasture areas and mountain moorland is on relaxation and enjoyment. This is a typical route which combines all the merits and joys of the Bavarian Alpine foothills. The hike begins at Soier Lake in Bad Bayersoien.
A country village with attractive farmyards bedecked with flowers and home to traditional guest houses and a Baroque church, Bad Bayersoien is the very epitome of the Upper Bavarian idyll.

Children will particularly enjoy the Spa Gardens, which depart from tradition by allowing them to enjoy nature, run barefoot through the grass, balance on stones and roll around in sawdust. The nearby adventure trail will entertain the rest of the family too. Artificial spider's webs, liana swings, crocodiles and giant mushrooms all need to be overcome on a jungle trail, whilst charts explain the nature conservation area and its native fauna.

Going under the main road and through a wonderfully quiet and dreamy landscape, you proceed past the Böhmerweiher lakes and the Saulgrub ridgeway to the Fatima Chapel, a small whitewashed building located on a moraine hill above the village of Saulgrub.

This is a magnificent place to stop for a rest and enjoy both the panoramic views and a rare sense of peace and quiet. Continue  over the Wetzstein ridge and down to the hamlet of Achele. Before you continue on to Altenau, it is virtually compulsory to make a small diversion to see the "Scheibum", where the River Ammer breaks through the rocks in highly impressive fashion.

Before you turn off right to the Scheibum, you will observe the Kammerl power station on the opposite bank of the river, an old hydropower plant used to generate electricity for the railway. On the return route to Achele, turn right into the Gschwender Filz, an extensive area of mountain moorland that provides an enchanting and fascinating mix of colours.

Each step is a treat when the sun shines on the delicate leaves of the birch trees and the morning dew is still glistening in the grass. When you arrive at Unternoggstraße, keep left and make your way through the village. After the underpass (German railways), turn left and continue past the cemetery until you reach the main road at the sports ground.

Cross the road and continue to the next street, where you bear left. At the Aura Hotel, proceed towards Sonnen and Bad Kohlgrub, where in autumn the meadows are covered with purple crocuses.  In spring, the gentian is the dominant flower.

You can enjoy an unforgettable hiking experience in the Ammergau Alps as long as you have the right gear. Visit the "Best of Wandern" Test Centre in Bad Kohlgrub to try out the latest outdoor equipment free of charge.

- GPS devices

- rucksacks, child carriers, children's jackets

- multifunctional jackets

- hiking boots

- sticks and head lamps

- binoculars

- tour software

- snow shoes

- backpacking umbrellas

The Best of Wandern Test Centre is located at Hotel Schillingshof, directly opposite the Hörnlebahn ski lift. adress: Fallerstraße 11, Bad Kohlgrub tel.: +49 8845 7010.

For more information, visit: www.ammergauer-alpen.de/testcenter

Insbesondere an den Wochenenden in den Sommermonaten lohnt eine Rast im gemütlichen Biergarten vom Wirtshaus Acheleschwaig, das mit kühlen Getränken auf Sie wartet. 

Das Wirtshaus hat Freitags bis Montags geöffnet.

Besichtigen sie die kleine Kapelle am Wirtshaus. Diese wurde von Herrn Fischer 2012 errichtet und ist den "14 Nothelfern" geweiht.

Im Notfall verständigen Sie bitte die nächstgelegene Rettungsleitstelle. Unabhängig vom Standort erreichen Sie diese deutschlandweit unter der Telefonnummer 112.

A95 to Bad Bayersoien via Murnau (St2062) and Bad Kohlgrub
Car park on the main village street
bus stop: Bad Bayersoien Gasthof Weißes Roß
9606 Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Oberammergau - Wieskirche - Füssen
bus stop: Bad Kohlgrub Rathaus
9621 Oberammergau - Saulgrub - Bad Kohlgrub - Murnau und zurück

Guests in the Ammergauer Alps Region can use their electronic guest pass or the "KönigsCard" to obtain free bus travel. 

Kartenmaterial erhalten Sie im Onlineshop der Ammergauer Alpen GmbH unter www.ammergauer-alpen.de/onlineshop oder in den Tourist-Informationen vor Ort.

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