Ski tour – Kreuzspitze

Back-country skiing

Spektakuläre Ausstiegsroute - das steile Nordkar macht bei Pulverschnee süchtig

  • Type Back-country skiing
  • Difficulty hard
  • Duration 3:00 h
  • Distance 6,4 km
  • Ascent 1128 m
  • Descent 1127 m
  • Lowest point 1048 m
  • Highest point 2156 m


The Kreuzspitze is one of the most popular mountain skiing destinations in the Ammergau Alps. The steep North corrie is a fantastic place to ski if there is powdery snow. The climb is, however, extremely strenuous and steep with very few areas of level terrain. It should only be attempted in good weather conditions and by experienced skiers.
From the parking bay on the road, start by retracing your steps for a few metres until you reach the cutting which leads down from the mighty North corrie of the Kreuzspitze. There are often a few cars parked at the side of the road. Climb down to the stream, which you cross before proceeding through a wood and into the cutting leading to the corrie of the Kreuzspitze. Your route continues up to the right of the corrie and ascends steeply to the western ridge of the Kreuzspitze, which is covered with mountain pine, and on to the summit slope. From here, you normally need to continue to the summit on foot (rocky routes). If conditions are very good, it is even possible to access the summit slope by ski (approx. 40 degrees).
For beautiful ski touring in the Ammergauer Alps we recomend the following equipment:
  • Backcountry Skis  or Snowboard
  • Avalanche Transceiver
  • Snow Shovel
  • Poles
  • Climbing Skins
  • Avalanche Probe
  • Sunglasses / Sunscreen
  • Headlamp / Flashlight
  • Food
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Long Underwear
  • Tops / Bottoms (synthetic)
  • Gaiters
  • Fleece
  • Pants
  • Fleece
  • Vest
  • Outer Shell
  • Pants
  • Gloves / Mittens
  • Synthetic Outer Socks
Nach der Tour wartet das Heißwasserbecken des Erlebnisbad WellenBerg in Oberammergau auf Ihren Besuch. Bei traumhafter Kulisse lässt es sich hier im 34Grad warmen Becken bestens entspannen.
Please always observe the avalanche report :
From Oberammergau/Ettal over Graswang to Linderhof in direction Plansee.
Village: Graswang
Starting point: On the road towards Plansee, by the boarder sign (U-turn with parksite, ca. 1080 m).
Parkplatz Scheinberg (Sommer), Graswangtal

Parkplatz ist nicht kostenpflichtig

Parkdauer: keine Zeitbegrenzung


no public transport
Kartenmaterial erhalten Sie im Onlineshop der Ammergauer Alpen GmbH unter oder in den Tourist-Informationen vor Ort.

Map and arrival

Elevation profile