The Ammer-Amper Cycleway runs for 200 km from the Ammergau Alps, specifically the Graswang valley by Ettal, to Moosburg on the Isar.

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The journey from the Ammer springs south of Oberammergau via the Ammerlake to Moosburg on the Isar totals approximately 200 km. The route faithfully follows the Ammer and Amper rivers. The distance may be comfortably covered in 3-4 days time if you choose to enjoy the beautiful villages and sights along the way.

The route is particularly attractive when travelled in reverse starting in the Munich vicinity and riding towards the Ammer springs near Oberammergau.

Travelling towards Oberammergau means taking on a slight incline for the entire tour- however, the view of the mountains on the horizon, your final destination, will encourage you. You will be riding from the foothills of the Alps into the scenic mountains of the Bavarian Alps. And if you still have energy to burn upon reaching the springs of the Ammer, continue on to the Benedictine monastery in Ettal or King Ludwig's II Castle Linderhof.

Coming from Munich it is also possible to start your ride at the Ammerlake. The distance from Herrsching am Ammersee (train/S-Bahn connection from Munich) to the Ammer springs is approximately 90 km. You will join the Ammer-Amper Cycleway between Raisting and Pähl as it approaches from the westerly chores of the Ammerlake.

Long distance cycle trail – Ammer Amper cycle route

Long distance cycling | easy

Long distance cycle trail from the Ammer sources near Oberammergau via Lake Ammersee to Moosburg an der Isar 

 203,2 km  15:00 h  350 m  770 m