Ski resorts in the Ammergau Alps

In the Ammergau Alps are four different ski resorts for skiing and snowboarding. Freeriders in Oberammergau Laber get their money's worth, families and beginners ski on the ski slopes in Oberammergau (Active Arena am Kolben), Unterammergau (Steckenberg) and Bad Kohlgrub (Hörnle)

Ski resort Steckenberg

The Steckenberg is the secret love of many inhabitants. Quick access, one for all! In the valley there is a very good training area for children and beginners and on top are challenging runs for experts.
Ski school and ski rental are on site.


Hörnle ski resort

Bad Kohlgrub Mountain Hornle is a small, but excellent ski resort for families


Ski resort Laber

The cult cable car, only fitting for eleven people, "rocks" you ascent to the mountain and Germany's only steepest freeride downhill - the ski route "Nordhang" - leading you descent to the valley: sometimes powdery, sometimes wild, the thigh burn, lungs pumps - this route is only for experienced skiers


Ski resort Kolben

Note: The ski resort remains closed until snow falls. The operators expect to open on 01.01.2016

The Kolben ski resort awaits you with 90% blue runs (1 km red runs), which are conveniently located in the wide forest paths. A good view on snowy days and a long "life" of snow is therefore guaranteed.