Fun Arena

Since August 2005 the Oberammergau WellenBerg Leisure and Fun pool awaits with a new attraction: Instead of the former circular wave pool, there is "the largest sand arena in Bavaria." With about 100 truckloads of gravel and as surface fine beach volleyball sand the "fun-arena" offers endless fun


In the "Fun-Arena" you can expect:

  • Beach volley ball fields
  • Boulder wall
  • a unique mountain scenery
  • "Schnappi", the green-yellow "peak-monster" that watches over visitors

Background Information: The Sands of Fun Arena
The finest beach volley ball sand was delivered to the sandy arena of the WellenBerg Leisure and Fun Pool.
For consistent quality at the sand, it is important to use a fine-grained, non-staining type, which drains quickly after rain, and falls easily from clothes and body. It can also be ensured that the playing field is always soft.
It is a round-grain sand. This particular particle shape reduces the risk of injury and is therefore suitable for beach volleyball pitches very well.


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