Oberammergau Museum

It is quite a special moment when you step from the Dorfstraße trough the heavy wooden door into a world of questions and their answers.


Did you know for example that a great number of church altars in the USA stem from Oberammergau? Or that Rudolf Wachter, whose modern sculptures are often confusing and provocative, studied at the Wood Carving School of Oberammergau? It’s amazing, isn’t it?

The somewhat old and dusty label “Museum of Local History” has been revitalized. Beside the world famous Passion Theater this old, yet new, museum should be on top of the visitors’ agenda of things to see.

Old, as it has been originally opened in 1910 with the main focus of putting the carving of wood and the historic church-crib of Oberammergau in perspective. New, as the museums’ director Constanze Werner gave the exhibits a masterful and modern frame.

She managed to stage a museum in a museum by intentionally presenting the exhibits in the fashion of the early 20th century. Placed in showcases you can admire jumping jacks, animal figurines, the mobile fortress of Scharnitz and extremely detailed wood carvings. It is really worthwhile to have a closer look at items like the “Jagd am Kofel”. This piece is about 50cm high, yet still impressively populated by courageous huntsman and agile chamois. You will see that wood carving doesn’t only mean icons of Madonna. It is social history as well.

An interesting contrast to this is the 20th century department. The items here are lesser in number but the stronger in their expression. Constanze Werner additionally places emphasis on the use of media, such as a slide projector or a computer terminal where visitors can become researchers on the art of wood carving.

The attic provides a beautiful space for special exhibitions, which have a changing focus from old to new, from far to near or from worldwide to folkloristic – all in tune with the integrative concept of the old and the new. This museum is gentle to the arts and teaches to see old things in a new way.

Note for KönigsCard holders:
1 x daily free admission to the museum incl. exhibitions (+ Passion Play Theatre + Pilatushaus incl. exhibition)

More information (only German) www.oberammergaumuseum.de


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