Woodcarving and handi crafts

Die hohe Kunst der Oberammergauer Holzschnitzer geht bis auf das Mittelalter zurück

The fine art of Oberammergau woodcarver dates back to the Middle Ages

History of woodcarving in Oberammergau

A traveller from Florence praised the detail and skill displayed in the woodcarvings of Oberammergauin travel report dating from 1520. In 1563 the abbot of Ettal even bestowed upon the Ammergau woodcarvers their own set of trade rules and regulations. 


Living workstudio

The name of Oberammergau is synonymous with traditional handicrafts, not only wood carvers but also potters, drum makers and several others are there


Worlds behind glass

The collection of stained glass pictures in the Museum of Oberammergau is one of the finest throughout Europe. Part of the collection can be seen on the first floor of the House of Pontius Pilate