King Ludwig II.

The Bavarian Fairy Tail King Ludwig II is closely connected with the Ammergau Alps. Here stands his Linderhof Palace, the only one which he also lived for several years. He often visited his subjects. He loved them and they still love him.

About King Ludwig

King Ludwig II. of Bavaria is an exceptional persona of the 19th century


King Ludwig´s Palaces

No other Bavarian King has left so many important castles to posterity.



Fire on top of the Ammergau Alps are emblazed to honor King Ludwigs birthday at 24th August



The program for the birthday celebration of King Ludwig II of Bavaria on the 25.08.2012 includes .....


Crucifixion Group Monument

freely accessible / always open

On September 25th, 1871 a special performance of the Oberammergau Passion Play was held in honour of King Ludwig II. The king was so moved that he donated the monumental Crucifixion