Crucifixion Group Monument

On September 25th, 1871 a special performance of the Oberammergau Passion Play was held in honour of King Ludwig II. The king was so moved that he donated the monumental Crucifixion


The king himself chose the material, the artist and the location for the monument. The sculptor Professor Halbig from Munich worked on the monument for two years before the difficult transport to Oberammergau began August 2nd, 1875.

The Crucifixion Group arrived August 15th, 1875 in Oberammergau, and was unveiled on the Osterbichl October 15th, 1875.

The royal family was represented by Baron von La Roche. For three years King Ludwig returned to the Crucifixion Group on October 15th for silent prayers until he was driven away by the growing number of curious onlookers. The Crucifixion Group is made of Kelheim marble and was the largest stone monument in the world at the time. The weight of each figure: cross and Christ on the base 600 cwt. The figures of Mary and John each weigh 40 cwt, the base 480 cwt.


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