42nd Passion Play 2020

The 42nd Passion Play will be held from 16 May to 4 October 2020 - 102 performances are planned. With 4,500 seats in the covered auditorium, the Passionstheater Oberammergau is the largest open-air theater with a covered auditorium in the world. An overview of the timetable

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Timing up to the Play:

  • June 2015: 
    Election of the game director Christian Stückl by the town council. Second game director is Abdullah Kenan Karaca, stage set and costumes are in the hands of Stefan Hageneier. Markus Zwink is musical director and conductor 
  • Spring 2018:
    Advance sales package (1/2 nights, dinner, entrance ticket)
  • October 2018:
    Renewal of the vow and announcement of the performers. The roles for Jesus, Mary, Peter, Judas, Pontius Pilate and Caiaphas, as well as 120 speaking roles are forgiven. About 2,000 Oberammergauers will be involved in the Passion Plays

Ticket pre sales

  • Ash Wednesday:    
    "Hair and Beard Decree" - according to old tradition, the actors must grow hair and beard
  • July 2019:
     A performance of the "Plague Play", which tells the story of the Passion vow
  • November 2019:
    Start of the rehearsals for the 42nd Passion Play
  • May 16, 2020:
  • October 04, 2020:
    last performance

At www.passionsspiele-oberammergau.de it is possible to register tickets.

Innovation Passion Play 2020:
In 2020, the ticket categories are independent of the accommodation categories, which means that the best seating category can be combined with the simplest accommodation category.