Ammergau Alps Meditation Trail

Long distance hiking trail

An 87-kilometre long distance hiking trail from Wieskirche Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, through the Ammer Valley to Linderhof Palace in the Graswang Valley. Several stages bring together 15 cultural sights and a number of natural highlights.

  • Type Long distance hiking trail
  • Difficulty easy
  • Duration 46:24 h
  • Distance 85,4 km
  • Ascent 2243 m
  • Descent 2180 m
  • Lowest point 695 m
  • Highest point 1500 m


The Ammergau Alps Meditation Trail leads from the Wieskirche Church in Steingaden to Linderhof Palace on the Graswang Valley. The route wends its way past the churches, chapels, historic sites and areas of natural beauty contained within the hilly Alpine foothills of the Ammergau Alps.

The 15 stop-off points along the trail provide an incentive to pause and meditate as well as an opportunity to rest and recharge your batteries. Information boards provide plenty of food for thought and enable you to plan your journey. The trail extends over a distance of around 87 kilometres and can be completed in several daily stages.

The stop-off points along the Meditation Trail form the following suggested stages:

1 Wieskirche - 2 Rottenbuch Abbey - 10.5 kilometres

2 Rottenbuch Abbey - 3 Soier Lake - 10.1 kilometres

3 Soier Lake - 4 Scheibum Ravine - 10.7 kilometres

4 Scheibum Ravine - 5 Fatima Chapel -  4.1 kilometres 

5 Fatima Chapel - 6 Rochusfeld - 2.6 kilometres

6 Rochusfeld - 7 Kappel - 9 kilometres

7 Kappel - 8 Hörnle -  4.2 kilometres
This stage is only accessible in the summer. In winter, follow the Wiesmahdweg to the Romanshöhe to return to the signposted Meditation Trail and to continue to the next station at the Passion Play Theatre. In summer, of course, this option is also open to all those who wish to avoid the climb up to the Hörnle.

8 Hörnle - 9 Passion Play Theatre - 9.1 kilometres

9 Passion Play Theatre - 10 Calvary statue -  1.1 kilometres

10 Calvary statue - 11 Döttenbichl - 6.3 kilometres

11 Döttenbichl - 12 Ettal Abbey - 3.7 kilometres

12 Ettal Abbey - 13 Ammer sources - 3.7 kilometres

13 Ammer sources - 14 St. Gertrude's Chapel - 4.7 kilometres

14 St. Gertrude's Chapel - 15 Linderhof Palace Park - 6.6 kilometres


For detailed information, route descriptions, overnight accommodation facilities, restaurants and transport, please visit (German)

You can enjoy an unforgettable hiking experience in the Ammergau Alps as long as you have the right gear. Visit the "Best of Wandern" Test Centre in Bad Kohlgrub to try out the latest outdoor equipment free of charge.

- GPS devices

- rucksacks, child carriers, children's jackets

- multifunctional jackets

- hiking boots

- sticks and head lamps

- binoculars

- tour software

- snow shoes

- backpacking umbrellas

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Information at:

You can experience the Ammergau Alps meditation path most intensely on a guided multi-day hike.
In an emergency, please notify the nearest rescue center. Regardless of the location, you can reach them throughout Germany on telephone number 112.
A95, B23 to Linderhof via Ettal and Graswang
parking place Linderhof Palace
Busstop: Linderhof Palace
9606 Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Oberammergau - Wieskirche - Füssen
9606 Füssen - Wieskirche - Oberammergau - Garmisch-Partenkirchen
9622 Oberammergau - Ettal - Linderhof (Palace)

Guests in the Ammergauer Alps Region can use their electronic guest pass or the "KönigsCard" to obtain free bus travel. 

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