Ammergau Alps breakfast

Milk, butter, yogurt, cheese and bakery products - all from the Ammergauer Alps.

Ammergauer Alpen Grühstück - regional, natürlich gesund
Ammergauer Alpen Grühstück - regional, natürlich gesund - © Ammergauer Alpen GmbH

Regional and fresh - these are the ingredients for the Ammergau Alps breakfast. Hosts in selected houses are serving the best of the Ammergauer Alps already in the morning - a high quality breakfast:

  • butter,
  • milk,
  • cheese and
  • yogurt from the cheese dairy in Ettal
  • bakery products from bakeries in the Ammergau Alps
  • Ammergauer Alps bee honey, which is subject to strict quality criteria.
  • Ammergauer Alps Tea
  • jams out of regional fruits

Hosts, that offer the Ammergauer Alps breakfast, complement their breakfast buffet offer at least with four of the above listed, local products. Even in holyday apartments the regional breakfast is available. Under the name 'gefüllter Kühlschrank (full fridge)' participating hosts are offering a rich breakfast, which can be ordered separately.

Overview of the hosts: