Canyoning means pure adrenaline. Swimming, slides, abseiling, jumping - the action-sport for those who want to push themselves to their limits.

"Canyoning is a unique experience like nothing and is incredibly fun! Though a little bit of courage is required to jump into the pools (about 3 m) and to race down the stone sliding. You can feel the force of the stream and you must feel comfortable and safe being in the water element. In the gorge it is dark and mystical, a great experience! - you never catch sight to nature anywhere else. Thanks to the support provided by the guides, you are in good hands perfectly at all times and professional! Solo action is not recommended! "
In the Ammergau Alps on the beautiful Plansee there is the perfect spot - the Stuibenfälle.
everything is offered on the Tour (see offer) which belongs to a beautiful canyoning tour. The gorge on small Plansee awaits you with many pools to jump, some water slides and a abseiling steep of 30 m height.
This canyoning trip to the Stuibenfällen in the Western Ammergau Alps is also perfect suitable for beginners.
The certified mountain guides of our two partners are trained well.
The equipment can be rented directly from the offerer. After a detailed introduction, the canyoning guides are happy to show you the fascination of this sport.
See "Detailinformation" offer (German)

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